STRATFEED DSS : Introduction
                                                                       last update 22/06/2006
                                                                                                                                      STRATFEED DSS   V 2.1

   Internet release

The STRATFEED Decision Support System is a basic tool compare to the ARIES Decision Support System.
The objective is to assist the user in a stepwise identification of bone particles in animal feeds.
In a first step, a list with groups of observations is proposed to the user.
In the second place, depending of groups selected, a series of questions, illustrated with pictures , has to be answered by pressing one of the buttons 'yes', 'no', 'neutral' or 'no information'.
After answering, the program calculates the fit between the observations by the user and the reference description, and presents these fits in decreasing order. If no information is available for a topic, this answer is excluded from the final conclusion. In the same way, only the groups selected are taken account in the expertise.
Finally, the user can check and compare, for each question, his choices with the description of the different types of MBM.



Identification by classical microscopy


   Disclaimer : The producers are not responsible for the results of the identification procedure.
Each user uses the included information at its own risk.
The information is provided for educational purposes only.
This application is designed for a display configuration of 1024 X 768.

   Contact : for microscopy expertise : Leo Van Raamsdonk
for computer expertise : Philippe Vermeulen