Institute :
Agroscope Liebefeld-Posieux (ALP)
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Units :
  • Feed Inspection Service
  • Staff :
  • Dr
  • Daniel GUIDON (Head of the Feed Inspection Service)
  • Dr
  • Geneviève FRICK
  • Dr
  • Alexandra ROETSCHI

    Description of Feed Inspection Service :

    By means of its research and the publication of its findings the ALP essentially promotes an economic, animal and environment friendly production of high quality foods of animal origin. The ALP supports Swiss agricultural policies as far as animal production is concerned and its results are obtained for the welfare of the whole population. The ALP is one of the 5 research stations of the Office of Agriculture. Together with the research stations FAM and FAT it comprises the competence centre for animal production and foods from animal origin. The ALP is in charge of the inspection of feedstuffs and authorizes the use of new products in animal nutrition. The aim of these activities is to guarantee that no toxic or other hazardous substances pass into the food chain. Our inspection protects farmers from fraud and watches over an adequate use of feeds respecting both animal requirements and environmental demands. The laboratory has more than 40 years of experience in studying feeds using microscopy and possess a collection of reference samples and books as well as equipment to save images of observed particles. Checking feeds for particles of animal origin is part of routine work (more than 1200 samples in 2001). The method used is the classical sedimentation and fractionation (with Tetrachlorethylene) followed by thorough examination of sediment and flotate under stereomicroscope and compound microscope, using well known mounting reagents.
    Role :
  • Classical Microscopy Method : contribution with results on analyzed samples and images of typical particles, sharing experience and bringing ideas as how to improve the method.

  • Relevant Publications in the field of BSE :

    Author(s) : Frick,G., Roetschi,A. and Hauswirth,H.
    Title : Analyse des aliments pour animaux par microscopie.
    Publication year : 2002

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