Institute :
Gembloux Agricultural University (FUSAGx)
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Units :
  • Animal and Microbial Biology Unit
  • Staff :
  • Prof
  • Daniel PORTETELLE (Head of the Unit)
  • Ir
  • Marielle GEORGES
  • Prof
  • Robert RENAVILLE

    Description of Animal and Microbial Biology Unit :

    The Applied Biology and Biochemistry Department of FUSAGx (Faculté Universitaire des Sciences Agronomiques de Gembloux) is actively involved in identification analysis. The laboratory is interested in defining standard procedures for DNA extraction from fresh and processed samples liable to contain animal meat products and is involve in a nation-wide project of identification of bovine animals (four main national breeds) by DNA profiling. The laboratory is at this time well equipped in that goal and scientific as well as technical personnel possess real skills. General plans have been proposed for a nation-wide sample library. At the present time, a bovine hair library has been set up at an experimental level with farmers and the official SANITEL control system. The DNA profiling method is now applied in meat "traceability" and in the meat specification of products incorporated in animal feed or human food, under the auspices of the Belgian Ministry of Agriculture and Small Enterprises, Traders and Agriculture and the Belgian Ministry of Public Health. The Animal and microbial Biology Unit is part of the Department of applied biology and biochemistry of FUSAGx. It has a staff of over 60 persons (including graduate students, scientists, technicians, secretaries and professors); the different groups are involved in fundamental and applied research on animals, plants and micro-organisms and are equipped with all the essential needs to perform genetics, immunology, molecular biology, genetic engineering, endocrinology, biochemistry and bioinformatics.
    Role :
  • PCR method : Testing of several DNA extraction methods. Design, optimization and validation of PCR procedures based on primers targeting microsatellites.

  • Relevant Publications in the field of BSE :

    Author(s) : Portetelle, D. and Renaville, R.
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    Publication year : 1997

    Author(s) : Mortiaux, F., Renaville, R., Gengler, N., Parmentier, I., Massart, S., Bertozzi, C., Burny A. and Portetelle, D.
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    Publication year : 1997

    Author(s) : Peelman, L.J., Mortiaux, F., Van Zeveren, A., Dansercoer, A., Mommens, G., Coopman, F. and Bouquet, Y.
    Title : Evaluation of the genetic variability of 23 bovine microsatellite markers in four Belgian cattle breeds.
    Publication year : 1998

    Author(s) : Portetelle, D., Renaville, R., Mortiaux F., Van Zeveren A., Bouquet Y.and Peelman L.
    Title : Identification et traçabilité chez les bovins à l'aide d'empreintes génétiques.
    Publication year : 1998

    Author(s) : Portetelle, D., Haezebroeck, V., Mortiaux, F. and Renaville, R.
    Title : Traçabilité dans la filière animale.
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    Title : Molecular Traceability of Animals and their products.
    Publication year : 2001

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