Institute :
Generalitat de Catalunya (GENCAT)
SP -

Units :
  • Laboratori Agroalimentari de la Generalitat de Catalunya
  • (LAGC)
    Staff :
  • Sonia NOVELLA
  • Dr
  • Jaume BOSCH (Head of the Veterinary Drug Residues Analysis Unit)
  • Silvia TERMES

    Description of Laboratori Agroalimentari de la Generalitat de Catalunya :

    LAGC is a laboratory of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia. It belongs to the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, and it is mainly involved in the official control and in the fight against fraud activities for agricultural, food and feed products. To carry out properly those activities it is also involved in the development of new analytical methods that allow an improvement of the accuracy and the robustness of analyses.
    Role :
  • Classical microscopy method : Production of microscopic images.
  • NIR Spectroscopy method : Construction of spectral libraries for NIRS instrument and interlaboratory NIRS results comparison.

  • Relevant Publications in the field of BSE :

    Author(s) : Puigdomènech, A., Garrido, A., de la Roza, B., Lucena, B., Aragay, M. and Martínez, A.
    Title : Harmonization of animal feeds evaluation using NIRS.
    Publication year : 1995

    Author(s) : Puigdomènech, A., Tauler, R., Casassas, E. and Aragay, M.
    Title : Modelling near infrared instrument differences by chemometric methods : testing for near-infrared forage analysis.
    Publication year : 1997

    Author(s) : Puigdomènech, A.
    Title : Quality control optimization in agricultural products using Near Infrared Spectrometry (NIRS) : Application to catalonian forages. Equation Transfer in instrument networks.
    Publication year : 1998

    Author(s) : Termes, S.
    Title : Ràpida detecció de l'adulteració en pinsos utilitzant espectroscopia NIR (Fast detection of adulteration in feed using NIR Spectroscopy).
    Publication year : 2003

    Author(s) : Termes, S., Tauler, R. and Puigdomenech, A.
    Title : Preliminary results in the determination of meat and bone meal.
    Publication year : 2003

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