Institute :
European Commission Joint Research Centre (EC-JRC)
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Units :
  • Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements
  • (IRMM)
    Staff :
  • Dr.
  • Christoph VON HOLST(Head of the sector “Control of the safety of food and feeds”)
  • Dr.
  • Salvatore TIRENDI
  • Dr
  • Ana BOIX

    Description of Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements :

    The tasks of the projects are carried out by the Food Products Unit ( which belongs to the Institute for Health and Consumer Protection (IHCP). The role of the Unit is to develop, harmonise and validate analytical methods, to monitor chemical, physical and biological parameters and disseminate results in the field of food and other consumables. Validation studies have been coordinated by the Unit or are still running for the detection of genetically modified organisms in food, aflatoxin in various food matrices and feedingstuff, fumonisin in maize based food, and two methods in the frame of BSE.
    Role :
  • Validation of the methods : Determination of method performance characteristics by in-house method validation and interlaboratory method validation.
  • NIR Microscopy method : Construction of spectral libraries for NIR-Microscopic instrument and interlaboratory NIR-Microscopy results comparison.
  • Sample set : Preparation of processed animal by-products according to specific technological treatments and selection of the samples to be analysed in the project.

  • Relevant Publications in the field of BSE :

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