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Institute of Food Safety (RIKILT)
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  • Institute of Food Safety
  • (RIKILT)
    Staff :
  • Dr
  • Jacob DE JONG (Senior scientist)
  • Dr
  • Dr
  • Henk AARTS
  • Victor PINCKAERS

    Description of Institute of Food Safety :

    The Institute for Food Safety (RIKILT) conducts research to assure that agricultural products and foods are safe, healthy and of good quality. RIKILT has set up a microscopic database containing images of ingredients of animal feeds. RIKILT, in close cooperation with the University of Utrecht, has developed a ruminant-specific PCR test for use in feedingstuffs containing meat-and-bone meal. RIKILT, as a centre of excellence in the field of NIR-applications, is actively involved in the development of rapid and non-destructive analytical methods. RIKILT is the Dutch official control laboratory for agricultural products, including feedingstuffs. Among other things this means that feedingstuffs are analysed for meat-and-bone meal (annual number: ca. 1500). Since long, RIKILT is also actively participating in the harmonisation of methods of analysis for feedingstuffs (EU, ISO, CEN).

    Capacity to provide contribution to the project.

    • Laboratories equipped for microscopical analysis of feedingstuffs.
    • Laboratories equipped for molecular microbiological analyses (Automatic Laser Fluorescent Analysis of AFLP-fingerprints, equipped for PCR, NASBA and other molecular detection methods) and for recombinant DNA technology.
    • Laboratory equipped for NIR-spectroscopy for qualifying raw materials and finished products (InfraAnalyzer-450, 500 and a NIRSystem-6500 equipped with an optical bench and fibre optics)
    • Facilities and expertise for development of computer based expert systems.

    Role :
  • Classical microscopy method : Coordination of the workpackage and co-production of the microscopic images.
  • PCR method : Testing the extent of reliable PCR detection of several DNA targets from MBM that followed well-defined heat treatments.
  • NIR Spectroscopy method : Construction of spectral libraries and interlaboratory results comparison.
  • Expert system development : Construction of an expert system for the differentiation of feedingstuff compounds.

  • Relevant Publications in the field of BSE :

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