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University of Córdoba (UCO)
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Units :
  • School of Agriculture and Forestry Engineering
    Staff :
  • Prof .Dr
  • Ana GARRIDO-VARO(Degree of Agricultural Engineer Lecturer in Animal Nutrition)
  • Prof .Dr
  • José-Emilio GUERRERO-GINEL
  • Prof .Dr

    Description of School of Agriculture and Forestry Engineering :

    The University of Córdoba has a strong vocation on Agricultural and Food research. The Animal Production Department has a well equipped laboratory for chemical and biological evaluation of feed. Since 1987 the University of Cordoba created the Centralised Near Infrared Spectroscopy Service which was joined on 1993 to a Sample Bank. At present, both units are located at the Animal Production Department of the School of Agriculture and Forestry Engineering from the University of Córdoba. The NIRS Service is well equipped with 2 NIR Systems 6500 monochromators (400-2500 nm) provided with reflection and transmission mode and fibre-optic attachment and one infrared spectrophotometer IRFT Nicolet Magna- IR 550 Serie II (7400-350 cm-1). The department has the availability of a Feed Database where chemical and biological feed information are collected and recorded. The Sample Bank has facilities for storing samples under controlled temperature and humidity (4ºC, -20ºC and -80ºC) with all the equipment required for this task: different kind of containers (glass and plastic jars, white and black plastic bags), mills (cyclonic mills, hammer mills, refrigerated mills, etc), sealing under vacuum machine and drying apparatus (ovens and freeze drying).
    Role :
  • Sample bank and sample set : Constitution of a European sample bank preparation and distribution of the sample sets analysed in the project.
  • NIR Spectroscopy method : Protocols development, construction of spectral libraries and interlaboratory results comparison.

  • Relevant Publications in the field of BSE :

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    Author(s) : Moya, L., Garrido, A., Guerrero, J.E., Lizaso, J., and Gómez, A.
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    Publication year : 2001

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    Publication year : 2003

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    Publication year : 2003

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